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California State Standards and Technology Standards
Professional Practice and Productivity with Technology

16(a) Each participating teacher communicates through a variety of electronic media (e.g., presentations incorporating images and sound, web pages, and portfolios).

16(b) Each participating teacher interacts and collaborates with others using computer-based collaborative tools (e.g., threaded discussion groups, newsgroups, electronic list management applications, online chat, and audio/video conferencing).

Teaching with Technology

16(d) Each participating teacher optimizes lessons based upon the technological resources available in the classroom, school, library media centers, computer labs, local and county facilities, and other locations.

16(e) Each participating teacher designs, adapts, and uses lessons which address the students' needs to develop information literacy and problem solving skills as tools for lifelong learning.

16(f) Each participating teacher uses technology in lessons to increase students' ability to plan, locate, evaluate, select, and use information to solve problems and draw conclusions.  He/she creates or makes use of learning enviroments inside the classroom, as well as in library media centers or computer labs, that promote effective use of technlology aligned with the curriculum.

Assessment and Evaluation with Technology

16(g) Each participating teacher uses computer applications to manipulate and analyze data as a tool for assessing student learning and for providing feedback to students and their parents.

16(h) Each participating teacher demonstrates competence in evaluating the authenticity, reliability and bias of the data gathered, determines outcomes, and evaluates the success or effectiveness of the process used. He/she frequently monitors and reflects upon the results of using technology in instruction and adapts lessons accordingly.

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